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Custom Shop
Need to start fresh? Need to clear your mind and begin with a fresh, blank canvas? We will step you though the process, choose what you need and forget the rest. Note: All of our WordPress themes utilize the Image Widget plugin to install your header file. We feel this is the best fit for keeping your header where it should stay put but remain fluid and responsive to each viewing device. Please visit our blog to see how to install and use Image Widget.
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WordPress theme types say a lot about your brand and your business. Please consider the following styles when setting up your initial design request. Responsive, Adaptive,Fluid,Fixed. Please read this article on our Blog Site. The world of web design has changed quite a bit over the years and continues to evolve as mobile-friendly design becomes more of the rule rather than the exception. When it comes to choosing the right layout for your website, there are a number of factors to keep in mind including style, typography, imagery, user experience, performance and online ranking just to name a few.
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