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Tuxedo Themes is proud to announce full WordPress integration with Kryptronic’s Click Cart Pro Version 8 E-Commerce Software. This is a perfect integration for most users of WordPress and Click Cart Pro that want to incorporate WordPress into their store from via adding a link to the top of your existing skin. This theme is the main skin we use since the custom settings in Click Cart Pro’s Desktop skin allows for so many options in colors. Whether you are happy with the (default black/gray) or prefer red, orange, green, blue, purple or custom, we can help you.

You can see the live demo here.

What is your WordPress Themes Type*

WordPress theme types say a lot about your brand and your business. Please consider the following styles when setting up your initial design request. Responsive, Adaptive, Fluid, Fixed. Please read this article on our Blog Site. The world of web design has changed quite a bit over the years and continues to evolve as mobile-friendly design becomes more of the rule rather than the exception. When it comes to choosing the right layout for your website, there are a number of factors to keep in mind including style, typography, imagery, user experience, performance and online ranking just to name a few.
In keeping with our vision to fully integrate all of version 7 and version 8’s built in skins to full WordPress integration we look forward as this epic journey continues.  We hope it brings a great many users around to seeing the benefits of WordPress integration into your Kryptronic store.